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College Area envisions a college town with vibrant mixed-use corridors and villages, that are connected to neighborhoods and the University, and that enhance the community.
The Process
The Process

The City of San Diego has begun a collaborative effort to update the College Area Community Plan, which was last updated in 1989. Community plans serve as the “blue print” for the community’s future growth and development – they determine policies and proposals on a wide array of topics, including housing, mobility, open space & parks, public facilities, conservation & sustainability, urban design and historic preservation. The updated community plan will help to reinforce the community’s role as a campus town, revitalize key activity centers, provide housing options and recreational opportunities, and strengthen connections between SDSU and the community. During the update process, Planning Department staff will work with the College Area community and the public to identify and consider important questions, issues, and opportunities including:

  • How will College Area grow over the next 20-30 years?

  • What services, infrastructure or facilities are needed to meet this growth?

  • How can the community best plan for new housing opportunities, including housing for San Diego State University students?

  • How can College Area nurture the economic relationship with San Diego State University and strengthen the community’s connection to the university?

  • How can the community support neighborhood businesses, including those along the community’s celebrated El Cajon Boulevard business corridor?

  • How can the community build upon College Area’s robust transit network, including the trolley and the El Cajon Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit, to support additional housing near transit?

  • Where can College Area create public and recreation spaces that provide opportunities to get outside, connect and play?

Get Involved

Public participation is important to shaping the community. In addition to regular meetings with the College Area Community Planning Group and the Community Plan Update Committee, opportunities for public involvement will be incorporated throughout the planning process via the following:

  • Publication of plan documents 

  • Meetings and workshops

  • On-line surveys

  • The opportunity for public comments 

  • The ability to request a presentation for your group or organization

  • The potential to help spread the word on social media 


See below for a timeline of the plan update process; scroll to the bottom and subscribe to our email list to receive important updates about the College Area Community Plan Update.


The College Area Community Plan Update Committee

The College Area Community Plan Update Committee is an advisory committee of the College Area Community Planning Board, which is the City's recognized citizens' group for the College Area. This committee was created specifically for the Community Plan Update in order to provide feedback to the City throughout the process.  


The College Area Community Plan Update Committee holds regular meetings on the fourth Wednesday of every month from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. These meetings provide an opportunity for the community-at-large and other stakeholders to provide input on the Community Plan update.

Please click here to access all agendas, presentations, and other supporting documents from the College Area Community Plan Update Committee of the College Area Community Planning Board.

Please click here to register for upcoming meetings for the College Area Community Plan Update Committee.

Time Line

2021.0415 College Area CPU Process Graphic.png
The Planning Area
Fig 1-2 Planning Area-No Fig .jpg
Get Involved

Project Schedule & Milestones


  • March 27 – Community Plan Update Survey - Released 

  • May 1 - Community Plan Update Survey - Closes 

  • May 25 – College Area CPU Committee - Results of Community Survey 

  • June 29 - Community Open House & Office Hours on Draft Land Use Scenario

  • July 27 - College Area CPU Committee – Discuss Community Input from Open House

  • September 28 – College Area CPU Committee – Discuss Draft Land Use Scenarios

  • October – No Meeting 

  • November 17 - Planning Commission Workshop - Discuss Draft Land Use Scenarios & Project Update 



  • Fall - Release Discussion Draft Community Plan



  • Winter / Spring – Release Adoption Draft Community Plan 

  • Summer - Planning Commission and City Council Hearings 

Plan Update Documents

College Area Community Plan Update Brochure

The Community Plan Update Brochure describes what a Community Plan Update is and why College Area's Community Plan is being updated. 

Click here to view the Brochure

DRAFT College Area Community Atlas: Existing Conditions Report


The Existing Conditions Community Atlas provides baseline information on existing conditions, opportunities, and challenges in the College Area Community Plan Update. The Atlas focuses on geographic resources, trends, and critical issues that will frame choices for the long-term physical development of the College Area. The Atlas includes information relating to demographics, land uses, economic settings, community form, mobility, the natural environment and open spaces, and environmental and community health.

The Community Atlas will be used as a basis for:

  • Facilitating community input on planning issues, priorities, and visions for the future;

  • Evaluating policy issues and options, and preparing alternative land use and transportation concepts;

  • Identifying potential community opportunities and constraints; and

  • Formulating policies and implementation actions for the updated community plan.​

Click here to view the DRAFT College Area Community Atlas

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